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The first comprehensive online reading reward platform for kids and teenagers in Hong Kong!

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Get the Whole School Involved


Interactive platform for schools and districts to promote a reading culture and make it easy and efficient for teachers and librarians to encourage kids reading and track their progress and preference.

Exciting Incentive Program


  • Students can log and submit book review reports in a cool way
  • Teachers can review reports submitted and obtain statistics on number of books read, most popular books etc 
  • Create fun reading incentives that students can earn as they read or submit review reports
  • Keep students motivated by throwing classroom and school-wide reading challenges - Just a click

Collaborate with Reading Circle


Kids can check in with classmates and other friends, see their favorite reads, read their reviews, and more, say 

  • See teachers' recommendations on books
  • Check out what their classmates are reading
  • Exchange book review reports and comments with classmates
  • Help the class achieve the class reading targets the teacher has established

Platform features

Specification on the Platform and Manual

Files coming soon.

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